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    Prepare to Sell E-Learning -
Prepare to Serve: Product Solutions for Customers, Fresh Perishable Foods
Prepare to Sell E-Learning
Prepare to Sell E-Learning
Cheese: Product Knowledge for Retail Staff
Deli Meat: Product Knowledge for Retail Staff
Prepare to Serve: Product Solutions for Customers, Fresh Perishable Foods
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Education Assistance
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IDDBA and LearnSomething present
Prepare to Serve: Product Solutions for Customers, Fresh Perishable Foods

Prepare to Sell Logo

Prepare to Sell™ — Fresh Perishable Foods is an interactive online training series that enables supermarket perishable department associates to increase sales in their departments (and throughout the store) by providing knowledgeable solutions for customers' meal needs. Associates test out new skills in online simulated interactions before taking them to the sales floor. With this training comes several significant results:

E Learning
  • More qualified associates who approach their jobs skillfully and with confidence to better serve customers.
  • Customers who enjoy enhanced in-store experiences that lead to greater department, store, and brand loyalty, as well as bigger sales.

The training series consists of three separate training courses that may be ordered independently of each other. A Learning Management System (LMS) program is also available.

Customer Service
Customer Service
  • The customer service training module teaches employees to engage customers and increase purchases. The training applies to associates who work in the following departments:
    • Deli
    • Bakery
    • Cheese
    • Fresh meat
    • Seafood
    • Produce
  • In the product category training modules, employees learn to converse easily with customers about selected deli meats and cheeses.
  • A customizable learning management system helps retailers assign training modules and track results, if you have a corporate LMS or a LearnSomething portal.

Customer Service Course -
Prepare to Serve: Product Solutions for Customers—Fresh Perishable Foods

Product Solutions for Customers—Fresh Perishable Foods teaches supermarket perishable associates effective ways to enhance shoppers' in-store experiences so they become repeat customers. Deli, bakery, cheese, fresh meat, seafood, and produce employees learn how to use the Connect-Discover-Match-Complete service approach to sell more perishable foods and build shopper loyalty. The course's skill-building lessons and interactive sales floor simulations improve retention and show trainees how to:

  • Quickly engage customers and use good listening skills.
  • Recognize different types of customers and determine their meal needs.
  • Shift customers' focus from individual items to the entire meal.
  • Increase sales by cross-selling other perishable department products.
  • Turn customer objections into opportunities.
  • Manage multiple customers.
  • Complete interactions so customers feel valued.
Connect, Discover, Match, Complete

Product Solutions for Customers—Fresh Perishable Foods motivates your associates to provide extraordinary customer service and to stay focused on the importance of product knowledge and solution selling.

Customer Characteristic
Here's an example of an interactive exercise that teaches associate about four customer types and how to sell to them based on their needs.

Customer Service

Click here to see a course sample.
Order the first course by clicking here.

Product Knowledge Courses -
Cheese: Product Knowledge for Retail Staff

Deli Meat : Product Knowledge for Retail Staff

Learning Management System (LMS)

Retailers who have a portal through LearnSomething or a corporate Learning Management System can customize employees' training assignments based on department and responsibilities. A variety of standard or customized reports track associate training progress over multiple stores, providing complete information in flexible formats. (Note: Individual course purchases through the e-commerce store and purchases using the Bulk Order Form do not include LMS tracking functions.)

Click here to email a LearnSomething staff member about setting up a portal or integrating the
course(s) with your Learning Management System.

Order the customer service course by clicking here.
Order the cheese course by clicking here.

For more information about Prepare to Sell — Fresh Perishable Foods, contact IDDBA or LearnSomething staff.


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