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Free, downloadable, on-the-job training guides.

Featured Job Guide

Featured Job Guide

Cheese: Simple Recipe Concepts
One element of providing great customer service is helping your customers get the most out of the products they buy. Providing simple recipes or pairing ideas is one way to make the most out of the opportunity. By keeping the ideas in this job guide top of mind, you can help customers discover new flavor combinations and help your store sell more product.

Complete Listing of Cheese Job Guide PDFs


Blue Cheese Pairing Guide

Cheese: Aging Terminology

Cheese: Simple Recipe Concepts

Cheese: Taste Terminology

Food Pairings

Hard Cheese Pairing Guide

Organic & Natural

Semi Hard Cheese Pairing Guide 1

Semi Hard Cheese Pairing Guide 2

Semi Hard Cheese Pairing Guide 3

Semi Soft Cheese Pairing Guide

Sensitive Ingredients -- Lactose
       English version       Spanish version

Soft Cheese Overview

Soft Cheese Pairing Guide

Training Tips: Cheese Cutting Charts

Training Tips: Kosher

Understanding Fresh Food Allergens

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