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The IDDBA Mentor Grant offers grants up to $1,000 to employees of member companies who have or are beginning a mentor relationship with emerging professionals in the business. IDDBA encourages seasoned professionals to be mentors and to share their experience with the next generation, whether they're recently out of school or new to the industry and on a new career path.

Emerging professionals today represent diverse backgrounds, educations, and even career paths. Therefore, grants can be used in many ways to contribute to the continued growth and development of mentees and the future of dairy, deli, and bakery.

To apply:

  1. Choose a mentee (if you don't have one already)
  2. Download the application


Who is a mentor?

  • An employee of a member company who is committed to understanding and communicating services and resources available from IDDBA.
  • A knowledgeable industry expert who spreads a unified message about the reards and opportunities available in the dairy, deli, and bakery industries.
  • A professional willing to commit time to sharing business and industry expertise
    with a mentee.

Who is a mentee?

  • An emerging professional eager to grow in the dairy, deli, and bakery industries.
  • Aspire to benefit from the experience of those currently in the industries.
  • A future member of the IDDBA community seeking engagement with the organization and those it represents.

What can we do with the grant money?

  • Trade Show Registration
  • Professional Workshops/Seminars/Books
  • Networking Events
  • Store/Facility Tours
  • Job Shadowing
  • Flight/Hotels for Mentor/Mentee Meetings

For additional information or inquiries, contact:

636 Science Drive
Madison WI 53711-1073
phone: 608.310.5000
email: scholarships@iddba.org

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