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    What's in Store 2016
What's In Store
What's In Store
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Online Grocery Business Models
Online Grocery Business Models
Digital Merchandising for Deli and Bakery
Digital Merchandising for Deli and Bakery
The High Stakes of Food Safety
The High Stakes of Food Safety
Total Store Connectivity
Total Store Connectivity
Engaging the Evolving Shopper
Engaging the Evolving Shopper
Filling the Gap in Deli and Bakery
Filling the Gap in Deli and Bakery
Consumer Shopping Dynamics
Consumer Shopping Dynamics
Innovation Trends, Attitudes, And Opportunities
Innovation Trends, Attitudes, And Opportunities

With over 30 years of credible reporting, What's in Store has become an essential, highly-touted retail sales and market trends resource for the dairy, deli, bakery, cheese, and foodservice industries.

  1. Provides imperative data on past and future projections on growth, trends, and category changes for your sales and marketing presentations
  2. Saves hundreds of hours of reading and researching
  3. Predicts customer-specific trends and offers supportive data
  4. Offers relevant industry insights and grocery shopping trends from business thought leaders

This year's edition has a more continuous storyline to improve user efficiency and provide greater clarity for professionals needing to understand today's retail world. Through the following five themes, readers gain new insights and learn about marketplace influences.

  • The Economy & Retail Trends
  • Channels & Competition
  • Consumer Lifestyles
  • Eating Trends
  • Technology and Marketing

The themed narrative is carried into each of the product chapters: Bakery, Cheese, Dairy, and Deli. The new format, exclusive interview content, and inclusion of key insights, table interpretations, data callouts, and testimonials enables the reader to more efficiently tie back to the broader context and then dig deeper in each of the product sections.

What's in Store 2016 purchase includes:

  • A page printed trends book, with 125 tables and graphs
  • Reference endnotes and contacts
  • A key word index
  • Access to the What's in Store Online service featuring:
    • 150 downloadable tables and graphs
    • white papers and trends articles
    • resource business links

*One copy of What's in Store 2016 is free with an IDDBA membership. This copy is automatically sent to the designated IDDBA member contact person.

What's in Store

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