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Weekly Dairy Purchases Less Frequent in U.S. than Middle East, Asia Pacific

Madison, WI — Consumers globally purchase dairy items an average of three times per week, with higher frequencies in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. In comparison, the average American household purchased a dairy item slightly less often than once per week. This is one of hundreds of findings in What’s in Store 2017, the latest edition of the annual trends publication from the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association™ (IDDBA), and What’s in Store Online, a collection of over 150 downloadable graphs and tables, as well as links to white papers and trends articles.

Other findings in the book’s “Dairy Sales and Retail Trends” chapter include:

•    Due to minimal food processing, fermented foods like yogurt and other cultured dairy products continue to capture consumer interest. 

•    Indulgent dairy options are increasing with 20% of consumers citing indulgence as the top factor for purchasing a dairy drink or yogurt.

•    Protein continues to drive dairy product trends; from 2010–2014, new dairy product introductions globally featuring protein claims grew by a 29% annual growth rate. 

“Consumer demand for protein and the health qualities that dairy products offer is contributing to an increasing variety of new flavors, tastes, and concepts,” said Jeremy Johnson, education director, IDDBA. “Dairy plays a key role in many shoppers’ nutritional and lifestyle needs, especially younger consumers. For example, we’re seeing an increase in yogurt and other dairy beverages, which really appeal to this demographic.” 

With over 30 years of credible reporting, What’s in Store is an essential resource for dairy, deli, bakery, foodservice, and cheese departments and industries, providing vital data on retail and market trends, growth, and category changes shaping the food industry. What’s in Store is a secondary resource that is developed through both interviews with industry experts and sourcing third-party data and trends. (A complete listing of sources can be found here.

This year’s edition again features a continuous storyline to improve user efficiency and provide greater clarity for professionals needing to understand today’s retail world. Through five themes, readers gain new insights and learn about marketplace influences. They are:

•    The Economy & Retail Trends
•    Channels and Competition
•    Consumer Lifestyles
•    Eating Trends
•    Technology and Marketing 

This themed narrative is carried into each of the product chapters: Bakery, Cheese, Dairy, and Deli. The new format, exclusive interview content, and inclusion of key insights, table interpretations, data callouts, and testimonials enable the reader to more efficiently tie back to the broader context and then dig deeper in each of the product sections. 

Additionally, What’s in Store 2017 features: redesigned tables; infographics that inform readers why the data matters; key insights; more original expert interviews; and more graphics to illustrate best-in-class examples. 
IDDBA members receive a free copy of What’s in Store as part of their membership. Additional copies may be purchased; the price per copy is $99 for members and $399 for nonmembers. To learn more and to purchase one or more copies, click here.