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Champions of Change Award Winners Announced

IDDBA and Winsight Grocery Business are excited to announce the award winners for our Champions of Change program! The winners are published in the Winsight Grocery Business May 2019 edition! 45 tenacious industry leaders who have helped with advancing the grocery fresh food departments are being recognized for their achievements and contributions to the industry. There are two types of champions who were given recognition, Emerging Champions and Legendary Champions.

Emerging champions are recognized as up-and-coming inspirational food industry professionals from retail, supplier, and service provider communities in the bakery, deli, foodservice/prepared foods, and dairy categories. Legendary Champions are recognized established senior-level business leaders from the retail, supplier, and service-provider communities in the bakery, deli, foodservice/prepared foods, and dairy segments.

Congratulations to all award winners as they continue to help grow the future of the industry! They will be recognized at the first Champions of Change Reception during IDDBA 19 on June 2, 2019.

We are proud to have their leadership and contributions toward the success of grocery fresh departments.

To access the online version of the magazine click here.