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Cheese Tariffs

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) serves the retail grocery industry through connecting buyers and sellers of products, being a year-round educational resource and advocating for the continued growth of the dairy, deli and bakery business segments within our grocery retail space.

We closely monitor events and happenings that impact how our membership base goes to market, conducts business and ultimately impacts them as our consumer and the end consumer they serve.

We are passionate about cheese. We support the Specialty Foods Industry. We are lovers of specialty cheese. 

We are concerned about the long-term sales, operational and job impacts the upcoming tariffs (if imposed) on many cheese products may have for our member companies, the industry and the retail grocery consumer. For example, consumers should expect to see the price per pound of their favorite imported cheese to double.

We remain vigilant as we advocate for our industry. In our ever changing, fast paced industry we must work together to grow profitable sales, while providing the consumer base the products they want at a reasonable price that allows them to create and enjoy the experience right for their family and life.  

Our friends at the Cheese Importers Association of America, (CIAA), asked us to share the following link to their petition against the imposition of cheese tariffs.  As fellow foodies, cheese lovers, industry supporters and those who put the consumer first, we ask you to consider signing the CIAA petition against the predicted 100% tariffs on many imported specialty cheeses.

For your convenience, here's a link to a petition against the tariffs: