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IDDBA's What's in Store 2019 is Now Available

What’s in Store 2019, the latest edition of the annual trends publication of the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association™ (IDDBA), and What’s in Store Online, a collection of more than 150 downloadable graphs and tables, as well as white papers, are now available.

With over 30 years of credible reporting, What’s in Store is an essential dairy-deli-supermarket food service-bakery-cheese resource providing vital data on the retail and market trends, growth, and category changes shaping the food industry.
The What’s in Store research report features exclusive expert interviews and 3rd-party sourced content, infographics and key insights, and graphs and tables that provide readers with insightful commentary on retail fresh trends.
Four themes help readers gain new insights and learn about marketplace influences and shopper buying habits:
  • The Economy & Retail Trends
  • Channels and Competition
  • Consumer Lifestyles
  • Eating Trends
This themed narrative is also reflected in each of the product chapters:
  • Bakery
  • Cheese
  • Dairy
  • Deli/Retail Foodservice
What’s in Store 2019 helps members understand how retail and manufacturer go-to-market strategies continue to transition to best-in-class shopper-centric food and merchandising solutions, according to Jeremy Johnson, vice president of education, IDDBA. “The shopper landscape is continuously shifting.  What’s in Store 2018 tracks consumer data and stories to offer retailers and manufacturers opportunities to target the broadened customer base,” he said. “Consumers divide and devote loyalty to products with stories and that offer ease or alignment to personal interests across channels. Consumer trends give insights on how to engage with shoppers’ desires, lifestyles and trip missions, which are critical toward ensuring a prominent role for our fresh categories in today’s changing food roadmap.”  

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