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Survival of the Fittest in an Omnichannel Age

Famed scientist and naturalist Charles Darwin's research into natural selection coined a phrase that we use today: "Survival of the Fittest". Just as animals can live or die based on the changes in the world around them, so too does the business environment and the landscape of consumer desires affect the life and death of a company.

Is your company fit to survive the current changing business climate, or will it go the way of the dinosaur? Will the digital landscape that defines the new "omnichannel" age be your meteor, or will the new, ever-changing environment be a place you thrive?

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) has long excelled at doing the work to research the ever-shifting climate of the dairy-deli-bakery industry. Under the leadership of Mike Eardley, President and CEO of IDDBA, we have begun to go beyond just examining the new omnichannel landscape and started asking questions that transcend the ever-changing trends.

Today, the best way to not just survive but to thrive is to adopt a philosophy and vision. According to Eardley, this philosophy can be summed up by several pillars that he calls "The Six Influencers", which, once understood, can serve as a framework for navigating the dairy-deli-bakery industry to success in an internet age where consumers both have more options and are more informed and involved than ever before.