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In an industry landscape that is changing more and more rapidly, it takes hard work just to remain competitive; thriving in a world moved by Technology and Consolidation requires even more effort.

We must understand that today competition extends beyond the industry. Companies are not just competing against like companies for shoppers and brand loyalty but are instead competing for stomachs – against vending machines, fast food, and restaurant take-out. Finding a place within this market is a key to finding success.

Innovation is critical. Whether it is products supplied or services offered, maintaining an innovative edge can be a way to stand out. E-commerce has long been a part of our omnichannel world, but this has become even more important in recent days, as turning online becomes more valuable than ever before.

IDDBA’s Vice President of Marketing, Whitney Atkins, shared that the community fostered by IDDBA's member-companies is a critical part in driving innovation. She believes that through the power of collaboration industry professionals and innovators can come together to face challenges head on. One place they can converse, and network is on the IDDBA Community site. IDDBA's Community site is designed to engage and bring the entire industry together to network, see new products, and inspire each other 365 days.

Overcoming competition is not just a challenge that must be answered; it is also an opportunity to grow and improve, by changing and adapting to what is happening now and leading the way forward.