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Consolidation is an important reality for every sector of our industry, and success requires properly recognizing and responding to this new reality.

Far fewer companies are taking up far larger slices of every market in the industry, on both the retail and supply sides. According to IDDBA CEO Mike Eardley, one example of this is consolidation in supermarkets, where the same market share once occupied by the Top 100 retailers just a few years ago is now held by the top third of those companies.

As shifts from consolidation continue, IDDBA's deep focus on the industry serves an invaluable role to its members. Each year, IDDBA's What's in Store trends report examines consolidation's effects on each category in the industry. IDDBA continues to be a great resource for building relationships within the industry. These relationships help our member-companies develop important strategic advantages in an increasingly competitive world driven by consolidation.