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June 5 – 7 | Atlanta

Jon Dorenbos  — Magician / Former NFL Player / Motivator

Jon Dorenbos
General Session

Life is Magic

Jon Dorenbos is no stranger to meeting adversity with resilience. Growing up in the shadow of a crushing childhood trauma, he had to learn to rely on himself to change his own narrative for the better. After 14 successful seasons in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles led him to another series of roadblocks, his positive outlook paired with his long-time passion for magic led him to pivot and become a contestant on America’s Got Talent and offered new ways for Jon to amaze and inspire. Jon’s message is timeless: Find the silver lining in everything you do and allow the things that happen “to” us to happen “for” us.

Jon’s book Life is Magic: My Inspiring Journey from Tragedy to Self-Discovery brings us behind the curtain and shows us the trick to seeing our own obstacles as opportunities. Do not miss your chance to hear Jon bring his amazing story and magic to the General Session on Sunday, June 5!

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