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June 5 – 7 | Atlanta

Saturday Sessions — Dennis Snow & Kindra Hall

General Session

Delivering a World Class Customer Service Experience

Are your business practices enhancing or detracting from your brand? We all want repeat business but might not know how to make that a reality. Customer service expert Dennis Snow is here to tell you how to turn little ‘wows’ into a big change in how your customers experience your brand.

Dennis will show you how to tap into the loyalty of your customers using his 20 years of experience in the Walt Disney leadership. His advice on how to turn mediocre task-oriented service into something memorable is easily accessible to everyone and doesn’t need to take up more time and money. Use Dennis’ breakout Saturday Session as a tool to break out of old habits and focus on elevating your customer’s experience. Your admission price includes a copy of "Unleashing Excellence" as a bonus! Must show your IDDBA 2022 Badge for admission.

How you tell your story is everything.

Join us Saturday, June 4th for author, general session speaker and award-winning storyteller Kindra Hall’s master class “Storytelling Advantage Workshop”. Kindra’s Saturday Session is a can’t miss deep-dive interactive workshop on how to tell the story of your brand, show the value of what you offer and connect in a way that will stick with people long after the story ends. Attendance includes a copy of Kindra's book "Choose Your Story, Change Your Life". Must show your IDDBA 2022 Badge for admission.