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June 10-12 | New Orleans

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Cake Decorating Challenge

Experience the live competition among three supermarket decorators as they bring their designs to life. During this three-day competition, they will create an eight-foot bakery case of cakes, two custom “300th Anniversary of New Orleans” themed cakes, and a tiered wedding cake. Watch each day as these decorators showcase their skills and then vote for your favorite!



Lindsay Anderson
Lunds & Byerlys, Minneapolis, MN

Lindsay started decorating cakes 14 years ago in high school but had been interested in decorating since she was a kid. She loves that her job allows her to use her creativity and passion for art each day in her current role as a Pastry Chef.

Favorite Cake to Eat: Chocolate, with a little ice cream on the side

Craziest Cake Ever Made: A ten tier wedding display for a window display at one of our locations. I had to use a small ladder to decorate the top!

Trend Most Excited to See at IDDBA 18: I’d love to see other people’s take on succulents. Also, unicorns! Who doesn’t love a good unicorn?

Natasha Damm
Garden Home Market Place, Portland, OR

Growing up, Natasha was drawn toward creative projects, but after attending culinary school, she found her true passion of cakes and bakery. She started her decorating career nine years ago when she began decorating basic cakes. She now decorates production cakes, cake orders, and wedding cakes as the Lead Cake Decorator.

Favorite Cake to Eat: Chocolate, the richer the better

Craziest Cake Ever Made: A retirement cake for my mom that was made to look like the top of my mom’s desk

Trend Most Excited to See at IDDBA 18: Something new I’ve never seen before; A new take on the unicorn cake or the geode cake

Randy Stratton
Dillons, Wichita KS

Randy started in bakery about four years ago as a cake decorator because it was a creative way for him to express himself. In his first year, he moved up to become a pastry chef and now does custom orders and the bakery cases. He enjoys getting to play a role in major events in peoples lives through decorating.

Favorite Cake to Eat: Homemade lemon cake with fresh glaze.

Craziest Cake Ever Made: A Halloween clown cake where I had to sculpt a 3D clown head silhouette.

Trend Most Excited to See at IDDBA 18: I’m obsessed with the floral trend going on right now and hope to see some of the more abstract artsy trends like chocolate sails and drip cakes.