June 4-6, in Anaheim, CA

Expert Neighborhood

Expert Neighborhood is a new opportunity this year at IDDBA 17. This is an area on the show floor where attendees can meet one-on-one with experts to discuss questions, industry challenges, and business problems. There are three business areas: People, Products, and Regulations. Under those areas are nine topics that experts can address:

  • Engaging Customers
  • Engaging Employees
  • Engaging Millennials
  • Food Waste
  • Innovation
  • Product Profitability
  • Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Menu Calorie Labeling
  • Product Labels

With top experts available, you’ll get 25 minutes with one to ask questions and talk about your business and industry challenges. Take your business to the next level with this new opportunity during IDDBA 17. Appointments can be booked at the show starting Saturday, June 3. Meet our Experts here!