June 4-6, in Anaheim, CA

Show and Sell

Step into the interactive marketplace of merchandising ideas and retail concepts that offer inspiration and education. Show and Sell is inspired by the principles of the “Experience Economy,” a concept coined by authors Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, where businesses engage customers through products, services, and experience. Attendees will see innovative displays, design, messaging, demonstrations, and educational sessions created to energize their stores and employees, as well as engage, entertain, and educate their shoppers. The most current trends and research in cheese, cakes, bakery, deli, and meals categories are depicted through unique and creative displays and visual merchandising conceptions, utilizing real products from our sponsors that attendees can share and implement in their stores.

2017 concepts will include:
  • A breakfast bakery bar with lingering aromas of freshly baked goods and brewed coffee and a seating area to enjoy the experience.
  • A cheese pub that will let attendees experience unique cheese pairings and tapas that retailers could easily offer in their stores.
  • In-store foodservice that creates an engaging experience with the sights, sounds, smells, and pace of a fully functioning in-store foodservice program that attract shoppers seeking prepared food options.
  • Cake design that will walk attendees though an engaging experience of creative and unique cake ideas for entertaining occasions, as well as a unique and interactive “cakescape” display that will evolve and grow throughout the three-day show.
Show and Sell Workshop

Experience live demonstrations and learn from experts in the Show and Sell Workshop. Engage in presentations that cover various industry-specific topics. Attend these interactive 30-minute sessions that promote learning, community and networking.

Cake Decorating Challenge

This three-day event showcases the artistry and talent from three contestants. They craft and decorate a variety of specialty cakes ranging in size, theme, and shape. Attendees can watch the decorators as they work and can vote for their favorite every day with the People’s Choice Awards.