June 4-6, in Anaheim, CA

Show and Sell

Our interactive marketplace came to life with displays and retail concepts that depicted trends and merchandising ideas. Using real products and food from our sponsors, we produced innovative examples of ways to engage and appeal to your customers. Attendees walked away with inspiration and ideas they could implement, from charcuterie, cheese, and olive demonstrations and pairings to a poke bowl bar with fresh ingredients. We elevated ideas with new concepts like a grocerant-style area where attendees ordered food and had it delivered to their table and a 4-foot, Cars 3 Lightning McQueen cake that developed right before attendees’ eyes.

2017 concepts included:
  • Breakfast Bakery Bar: Lingering aromas of freshly baked goods and brewed coffee and a seating area to enjoy the experience.
  • Cheese Pub: Small plate and snacking experience through toast, melts, and tapas that retailers could offer in store.
  • Foodservice Evolution: Engaging experience with the sights, sounds, smells, and pace of a fully functioning in-store foodservice program that featured BOOM! Kitchen, Pop-Up Wok, and Dinner with a Difference.
  • Deli Exploration: Variety of sandwhich concepts that featured an ethnic/international flair. Build-your-own lunch/snacks, customization, and new takes on charcuterie were also showcased.
  • Cake Design: Creative and unique cake ideas for entertaining occasions, as well as, an interactive "cakescape" with a 4-foot Lightning McQueen that evolved throughout the show. Involving the customer in the design process of cakes was also a new concept that gave them the experience of co-creation.
Show and Sell Workshop

Celebrity chefs and industry professionals engaged their audiences with interactive presentations and live demonstrations that promoted learning, community, and networking in this smaller-scale setting.

Cake Decorating Challenge

Attendees watched as three top decorators masterfully created a variety of awe-inspiring cakes each day. They voted each day for their favorite decorator in the People’s Choice Awards and overall winners were chosen by our judges. First place went to Katie Knowles, Marketplace Food and Drug Inc.