June 4-6, in Anaheim, CA
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Show & Sell Center

IDDBA Show | Houston, TX | June 5 – 7, 2016

Best-in-class merchandising
Creative new concepts for retailing food
Invaluable take-away tools

The 2016 Show & Sell Center was 16,000 ft² of merchandised space, workshop stage, and home for the Cake Decorating Challenge. It was a hub of activity and practical information. As Liz Webber of Supermarket News writes, “Upgrade your deli or bakery with ideas from IDDBA’s Show & Sell.”

Every year the Show & Sell Center focuses on research, trends, and the talent of its merchandising teams and it showcases multiple examples of how retailers can display items to attract and sell. Within Show & Sell, you’ll also have an opportunity to see concept demos from the merchandisers. Ever wonder how something is executed? They are happy to share their expertise and answer your questions so you can implement those ideas with your own teams.

2016 Show and Sell Center