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Focus on Allergens

Food allergens are a growing public health concern that affects an estimated 15 million Americans, including six million children. For those with a food allergy a single bite of food could trigger a reaction ranging from a mild response like an itchy mouth, to anaphylaxis, a severe and potentially deadly reaction that requires immediate medical assistance. IDDBA is focusing its 2016 Safe Food Matters! campaign on best practices and training to decrease the likelihood of food allergen occurrences and cross-contact in the products they sell to their shoppers and consumers.

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Chef Joel J. Schaefer

Allergens Best Practices Document

Keep the Food Simple, To Keep the Customer Safe 

That’s an important mantra for allergen-friendly businesses and one that 30-year foodservice expert, Joel J. Schaefer, lives by. Schaefer CCC, CHT, is an author, chef, and educator specializing in culinary education and product development for food allergies and special diets. He currently works as an executive chef at Concordia University and owns Allergy Chefs, Inc. He is assisting IDDBA on the Safe Food Matters! Focus on Allergens initiative.

IDDBA has developed a best practices document with Chef Joel.

Download Best Practices Document