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Putting Your Customer First: Why Safe Food Really Matters

Shawn Stevens, Founder, Food Industry Counsel, LLC, presents at Dairy-Deli-Bake Seminar & Expo

Shawn Stevens, The Food Safety Attorney and founder of Food Industry Counsel, talks about responsibilities and proactive measures that businesses can take to minimize foodborne illness risks, particularly Listeria monocytogenes. Last year there were over 500 recalls of USDA and FDA-regulated food products, and nearly 50 million people became sick from a foodborne illness. About 260 deaths are attributed to Listeria alone every year in the U.S. Stevens discusses how the liability landscape is changing and why it's critical to know your suppliers. He stresses why advocacy and education really matter. He's one of the only lawyers in the U.S. who devotes his entire practice to representing the food industry.