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Culinary Concierge

Culinary Concierge

Millennials are important retail perishable food shoppers. This research looked specifically at better understanding this generation's needs around culinary assistance and inspiration, and tested the appeal and relevance of seven "personal chef services" developed by the What's in Store Live meals team.

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Chef Chris Koch and Alan Hiebert present at Dairy-Deli-Bake Seminar & Expo
Millennials purchase prepared foods from the supermarket more than their Boomer counterparts. They want convenient meal options, and they're willing to pay for the convenience. Having grown up with social media and easy access to anything they want to know, however, Millennials are interested in trying new and exciting things (and they have a low tolerance for empty claims). Whose perspective do Millennial shoppers want for inspiration? The supermarket chef! Chef Chris Koch, Executive Chef, Cooking or Whatever, and Alan Hiebert, Sr. Education Coordinator, IDDBA present some of the ways the What's in Store Live team has used IDDBA research to combine inspiration and convenience through the Culinary Concierge.