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What’s in Store Online is a collection of graphs, tables, and white papers available to all What’s in Store book users. The data is updated periodically, so visit often for new information.

IDDBA and participating companies provide over 150 graphs and tables from What’s in Store 2017 as free downloads. We encourage you to use them in your plans and presentations. The source line must remain intact and IDDBA’s What’s in Store 2017 must be given attribution on or near the image. Our annual collection is updated each year when the What’s in Store book is published. Sales data from Nielsen Fresh and IRI/FreshLook Marketing are updated quarterly (January, April, July, October).

white papers

A collection of industry white papers with relevant, timely information.



A collection of links to the organizations that provided the information we used to create What’s in Store 2017.


data Tables

A collection of over 150 graphs and tables from What’s in Store 2017. Visit quarterly for updated data.


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