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Bakery Department Featured Job Guide
Bakery: Production Methods

Bakery: Production Methods
Your store may be using some or all of these bakery product production methods. Some methods are very labor-intensive. For other methods, the product manufacturer has done the majority of the work and your job at the in-store bakery level is to finish the product and package for sale to your customers. Check with your manager to see which products in your bakery fall under each production method category.

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In-store Bakery Product Knowledge

In-store Bakery Product Knowledge
As a part of IDDBA's mission to promote the growth and development of dairy, deli, bakery, and cheese sales, we are pleased to bring you our In-Store Bakery Product Knowledge training series at no cost.
This computer workbook series shows you how to delight customers with bakery product information. It's one of your most important roles. This training will build your confidence and your bakery expertise.

In-Store Bakery Product Knowledge What You'll Learn

  • The importance of the in-store bakery department to your store.
  • Your important role on the bakery team.
  • Bakery production methods: scratch, par-bake, bake-off, thaw and sell, freezer-to-oven, and mix.
  • Bread baking basics.
  • Popular bakery products: cakes & icing, cookies, breads & rolls, donuts, sweet goods, and Danish.
  • Nutrition overview.

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