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A quiz follows the completion of each course. Users can track their quiz scores and generate a certificate of completion by creating an optional site account.

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Deli Slicing Meat Storage

Deli Slicing Meat Storage
To protect product quality, follow these deli slicing meat storage guidelines

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Successful Service Department Management Series

Successful Service Department Management Series

The Successful Service Department Management Series has been designed specifically for deli, bakery, and cheese department managers. Its purpose is to provide you with the information you need to manage your department successfully. Whether you are a newcomer to management or an experienced veteran, this free series will help you become an effective and efficient manager of your department.

Based on your needs, you may choose which of the six free courses you complete, but to get the full benefit of the series we recommend that you take one course per week in the order we've provided and complete each Skills Enrichment Activity (SEA) that accompanies each course. However, you can customize this based on your available training time, what works best for you, and the needs of your business.

What You'll Learn

  • How to determine profit, margin, and gross margin in your department and its products.
  • How to use merchandising techniques to increase sales in your department.
  • How to explain the sources of shrink and how to reduce it.
  • How to write an effective order.
  • How to read department profit & loss statements knowledgeably.
  • How to write a department schedule that maximizes customer service and profitability.
  • How to build employee motivation through training and communication.

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