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IDDBA Advanced Management and Leadership Certificate Program

Get Your IDDBA Leadership Certificate from the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin – Madison!

uw school of business center for professional & executive developmentLeading an organization in today’s fast changing business environment has never been more challenging nor more open to new possibility and reward. To take on the challenge and harvest the possibilities, today’s leader needs to move beyond management to a keen understanding of high performing leadership behaviors, their own strengths and areas for growth, and the business context where their own organization can meet the passions of the customer. Join a cross section of industry peers who also want to develop elite leadership skills in an exciting, engaging, and interactive five-day journey covering:
  • The proven, researched leadership behaviors that create personal and organization success.
  • What today’s customers want and expect from a business that feeds their passions for food, health, and sustainability.
  • Your awareness of organization context and culture, which allows you to respond more thoughtfully to rapid changes in business circumstances.
  • How to gain deep consumer insight using trend analysis and the latest social media methods.
  • Methods to analyze performance impact and efficiencies in product sales and inventory.
  • Best practices of product placement and atmospherics in stores.
  • The why and the how of Leading Inclusively in today’s diverse employment and consumer marketplace.
  • End-to-end supply chain and purchasing excellence.
  • The strategic pricing process.
  • Leading for change in your organization and your industry.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison, with over 43,000 students, is one of the nation’s top six research universities with over $1 billion in research expenditures and has produced the most Fortune 500 CEO’s of any university, as well as over 360 start-up businesses. As the 15th ranked public university in the US, it has over 15,000 graduates who are managers and executives. The University houses many top ranked Colleges and Research Institutes including: the Wisconsin School of Business, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the Dairy Research Center, The Kohl’s Retail Center, The Food Research Institute, the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium, and much more. Program faculty are drawn from several of these organizations.

2019 Agenda

Sunday, September 15th, 2019; 4:00p-8:00p

  • 4:00p-5:30p Hotel check in (Hampton Inn Madison Campus)
  • 5:30p Welcome Cocktail Reception, followed by Introductory Dinner in the Skyview Room of the Fluno Center for Executive and Professional Development

Monday, September 16th, 2019; 8:30a-4:30p

Leading to meet Changing Customer Expectations – Jerry O’Brien, Executive Director of the Kohl’s Center for Retailing
Leadership Beyond Management – Lisa Yaffe, Program Director and Faculty for Executive Leadership, Center for Professional and Executive Development
  • Consumer Behavior – Four Ps to the Three Es of Retail.
  • Connection – Your business to the consumer interests.
  • Industry Outlook – What are other non-food retail businesses doing?
  • Strong Leadership – How to maximize effectiveness, learn positive thought patterns, includes personalized content.

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019; 8:30a-4:30p

Strategy and Consumer Trends – Nancy Wong, Chair of Department of Consumer Science, Kohl's Chair in Retail Innovation, Faculty Director Kohl's Center for Retailing
  • Trend Analysis – Market research for consumer insights.
  • Market Influence – Consumer behavior: the nature of consumer demand.
  • Social and mobile media – On consumption trends.
  • Consumer path to purchase – New product and new market development.

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019; 8:30a-4:30p

Retail Finance – Nancy Murray, Academic Director for Kohl's Center for Retailing Excellence, Faculty Associate & Teaching Professor, Consumer Science
  • Product Sales/Inventory – Methods used to analyze, evaluate and impact performance and efficiencies of product sales and inventory.  
  • Essential Finance – Understand and evaluate profit and loss statements of retailers and manufacturers.
  • Forecast Accuracy – Define and calculate the components of a retailer’s merchandise financial plan and forecast based upon market influences.
  • Best Practices – Product placement and atmospherics in stores. 

Thursday, September 19th, 2019; 8:30a-4:30p

Retail Operations and Performance – Tim Buhl, Adjunct Faculty, Lecturer, Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management, Marketing
  • Purchasing Excellence – How to gain improvement in indirect spending (including capital-expenditure projects) as well as sourcing strategies, such as supplier and partnership selections.
  • End-to-End Supply Chain – Demand planning and inventory management in order to manage multichannel order-fulfillment costs while ensuring profitability.
  • Promotion and Pricing Management – Identifying and driving value in the eyes of the customer.  Understanding the strategic pricing process.
  • Key Performance Indicators – Creating metrics that represent and complement your business objectives while allowing for appropriate monitoring and improvement opportunity identification.
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC): Understand the product experience from the perspective of the customer and/or consumer.  Identify ways to differentiate from competitors, identify new product opportunities, and grow your business in both scale and scope.
Celebration and Graduation Dinner, downtown Madison eatery

Friday, September 20th, 2019; 8:30a-4:30p

People Skills & Leading for Change – Lisa Yaffe, Program Director and Faculty for Executive Leadership, Center for Professional and Executive Development
  • Strong Management – What does this look like and why is it essential for leaders to understand?
  • What Employees Need – What are the six conversations that matter so you maximize performance and retain high performing employees?
  • The Leaders Role in Driving Change – Your role and the method for leading sustainable change.
  • The Ideal Change Sponsor – What change agents and the front line need from you?
  • How to over-predict for change
  • Development Action Planning – Creating accountability and a plan for management and change opportunities.

60 Day Check in:

Before you hit the holiday rush, join your peers for a 90 minute online, facilitated check-in discussion with Program Leader Lisa Yaffe to gauge your progress, share your successes, and address pressing challenges or concerns as you continue your leadership journey and success.

2020 details coming soon.
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