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Leveraging Trends as an In-Store Bakery Differentiator

Leveraging Trends as an In-Store Bakery Differentiator

Consumer behavior is constantly evolving, and bakeries need to stay on top of trends to compete in today’s market. Dawn Foods partners with customers to drive business growth through innovative thinking, fresh products and bakery expertise. Specifically, helping in-store bakeries activate on trends that drive business forward and meet customers’ needs. Through conducting three years of proprietary research, observing customers and consumers from various channels and regions, as well as collecting insights from dozens of syndicated sources, Dawn has identified this year’s major consumer trends and is excited to share how they are applicable to in-store bakeries.  

Join Dawn Foods’ Senior Director of Insights and Market Research Sarah Hickey as she discusses the company’s latest research and insights – focusing on technology transformation, experience exploration, the tie between mental wellness and food, as well as sustainability in baking – and how they come to life for in-store bakeries.


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