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Retail In Store Bakery, the Consumer and the State of Innovation

Retail In Store Bakery, the Consumer and the State of Innovation

In-Store Bakery has historically been a dynamic, visually appealing, foot traffic generating and customer loyalty driving department for retail grocers. In other words, a strong bakery department is important to retailer success.

Prior to 2020, the ISB department was vibrant, experiencing increasing new item introductions and overall gains in department SKU counts. For reasons that are well known to all, SKU counts were negatively impacted beginning in March, 2020.

This webinar hosted by IDDBA and conducted by Category Partners will look at how SKU counts (as a proxy for innovation) have trended from 2019 to until today. In addition, Category Partners will explore what consumers have noticed and how they have responded to the SKU count/new item trends.

Category Partners will share statistics and insights on the state of innovation today and the potential financial impact (upside and downside) of innovation trends. Category Partners will discuss opportunities for suppliers and retailers to improve and meet consumer expectations especially within the context of the current economic environment.

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