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Sustainable Packaging 101: Let’s Talk Materials

Sustainable Packaging 101: Let’s Talk Materials

You’ve decided you’re ready to make the switch to sustainable packaging. Great! But packaging decisions can come with many questions. Why exactly is plant-based a better alternative to traditional plastic? Why should you choose one material over the other? Join good natured Products Inc.’s Senior Business Development Manager Katie Gillespie for a webinar focused on key features to consider when choosing what sustainable packaging material is right for your business.

Attendees will learn about the components of a responsible material, what defines a renewable resource, and how it’s integrated into sustainable packaging options. We’ll share an overview of what factors impact sustainability beyond the choice of materials and hear how your industry, region, or supply chain may impact what sustainable options are right for your business. Tips and links to further resources will be shared with attendees to easily reference after the webinar.

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