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Through Stormy Seas: Heavy Weather Strategies

Through Stormy Seas: Heavy Weather Strategies

In this four-part series, the Category Partners team will be looking at the state of industry in fresh retail categories through the lens of a nautical metaphor. As suppliers and retailers, our business calls us to contend with the elements. At times, we are fortunate to find ourselves in familiar waters with calm seas. At other times, conditions we do not control—storms, wind, and wave—make our enterprise difficult, and at times, dangerous. It may seem that we can’t even remember a calm sea. Navigating Stormy Seas requires thoughtful action: we need solid information about business conditions, we need sound strategies, not just to survive those conditions, but to thrive by using that information to our advantage. In each element of the series, Category Partners will provide industry information that suppliers and retailers need to know: what is happening and what the forecast is for the future; how consumer attitudes and behaviors shift with changing conditions and how you can use that information to the advantage of your business, your clients, and the consumer; and what are the core strategies and best bets for safely and successfully navigating an unpredictable environment. The experienced team at Category Partners will guide you with insight and expertise to help make your voyage safe and successful.

We don’t get to choose the weather and not putting out to sea is not an option. It’s what we do. When heavy weather sets in and the seas become rough, we need to change our navigation strategies. Our destination doesn’t change, but we need to be smart about how we get there and how we adapt to changing circumstances. In Part Three of Category Partners’ series on Through Stormy Seas, Tom Barnes, CEO, Adam Brohimer, President, and Eric Le Blanc, SVP Marketing, will tackle specific strategies to navigate the storm.

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