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Through Stormy Seas: The Forecast

Through Stormy Seas: The Forecast

In this four-part series, the Category Partners team will be looking at the state of industry in fresh retail categories through the lens of a nautical metaphor. As suppliers and retailers, our business calls us to contend with the elements. At times, we are fortunate to find ourselves in familiar waters with calm seas. At other times, conditions we do not control—storms, wind, and wave—make our enterprise difficult, and at times, dangerous. It may seem that we can’t even remember a calm sea.

In the introductory segment of Through Stormy Seas, Tom Barnes, CEO, and Eric Le Blanc, SVP Marketing, will examine key indicators and what they mean for your business. Macro forces, like inflation, labor availability, and commodity prices have an impact across all of business. But dangerous waves are not just created by wind speed, duration, and open sea. Conditions that are specific to a business or category shape the way those factors will affect sea conditions. Currents (like prevailing industry dynamics and consumer trends) and undersea topography shape (like category dynamics) will determine whether conditions are challenging or dangerous. Using proprietary research and original analysis, Category Partners will highlight the ongoing factors that challenge us and the specific shape they take in the deli, dairy, and bakery space.


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