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Being a part of a community is something special. For over 50 years, IDDBA has fostered a community with a culture that values information and innovation, and looks at its fellow members as partners instead of competitors. Members of a community become more than just colleagues; members of a community lend each other support and provide each other opportunities for growth. Relationships in a community can build into life-long friendships with stronger bonds than simple "networking" can offer.

According to IDDBA Membership Director Kelly Campbell, members join IDDBA because of the value of that membership in information from the association's research, initiatives, and yearly trade show. They stay because of the community and the strength of the relationships they find in the association. Notably, these bonds also supply a competitive edge.

IDDBA's trade show is the yearly event that brings the whole community together to focus on learning and sharing. Information, innovation, and inspiration is at the heart of our community and thus at the heart of the event.

As the world grows more and more competitive, especially in the face of consolidation within the industry, now more than ever, community is a key to not just surviving but thriving.

IDDBA CEO Mike Eardley sums up community this way: "Our IDDBA community is built on shared successes and the creation of long-term value for all of our members, which in turn makes us more valuable to our customers. It is only together that we create that value!"