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What's in Store Live Sponsorship Application

2025 WISL Sponsorship Application

YES! We want to take advantage of this sponsorship opportunity exclusive to IDDBA exhibitors.

*Equipment sponsor levels vary. For details, please email
Additional sponsorship opportunities:

(use only PDF, EPS, or AI file format)

If not provided here, we will contact you for additional information such as product details, sell sheets, logos, and details for the online directory.

Case layouts for IDDBA 2025 What's in Store Live kick off in January. To ensure seamless integration of your product into menus and displays, we strongly encourage you to submit your application and product information as early as possible. Please note that each SKU represents a distinct product. Remember, sponsorship opportunities for What's in Store Live are exclusively available to exhibitors participating in IDDBA 2025. We do not impose any "exclusive" categories. Don't miss out on this chance to showcase your offerings in the most impactful way possible.

For questions or more information, email

**If you are sponsoring as a Co-Sponsor, please email you product information to using this template.

Sponsorship Level Name of Product Product Description Product Number/UPC
(Please place a period in your UPC so that Excel doesn't change it to scientific notation.)
Units/Case Unit Size URL (for shelf tag QR code) Upload Sell Sheet (optional)
total maximum upload size: 25MB