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IDDBA 2025 | June 1 – 3 | New Orleans

Cake'd Returns to IDDBA 2024!

Cake'd logoGet ready for the second annual Cake'd Challenge at IDDBA 2024 in Houston, TX on June 10th and 11th! Watch as some of the most talented cake decorators from IDDBA member companies compete live to see who can decorate the most creative and impressive cakes while using mystery ingredients provided by What’s in Store Live sponsors.

This is your chance to show off your skills! Submit a portfolio of 4 seasonal themed cakes for a chance to win a trip to IDDBA 2024 and compete in the Cake’d Challenge!

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Cake'd Challenge! Applications are closed. The selection committee will meet soon to review the submissions.

We look forward to seeing you at Cake'd at IDDBA 2024! Show Decorators will be announced by April 12.

In 2023 Cake'd was a collaboration with the Retail Bakers of America (RBA).

The first round was a mystery decorating ingredient challenge featuring products from our sponsors. Decorators were required to use the mystery ingredients to create their unique cakes. Attendees voted for their favorite cake through the myIDDBA app, with Bryant Meyer of Hy-Vee winning the people’s choice award.

In the second round, we partnered with CHOC, using children's art as inspiration for cake decorating. Decorators brought these artworks to life, and one child received a framed collage with their drawing, cake photos, and a decorator's card. IDDBA also donated $2500 for the CHOC Foundation to support their vital work.

If you have any questions about the Cake'd Challenge or competing in Cake'd please email

Up for the challenge? Submit your portfolio for Cake'd 2024 today!

2023 Cake'd

2024 Cake'd Participants

Cynthia Harrington
Cynthia Harrington

"Professional cake decorator since 2020, before that I was a vet tech for 20 years and a groomer but I've always loved baking. I won 1st place for my carrot cake in the Michigan State fair in 2019 and from there I was hooked. I'm always looking for new challenges in cake decorating and love trying new mediums. The Baking Show is my favorite show!"

Cynthia Harrington
Carrie Hansen
Rosauers Supermarkets

"I have been baking and cake decorating for Rosauers for over 25 years. I have always enjoyed the creative outlet of making cakes. I like the challenge of creating a cake for a customer on their special day. I enjoy learning new techniques and being able to express myself through cake decorating."

Katie Storr
Katie Storr

"I’m Katie the Cake Decorator and I’ve been a designer at Hy-Vee for 12 years. I enjoy having humor with my cakes and love incorporating puns into my designs. I aim to make my customers happy with whatever cake ideas they bring to the Storr."

Katie Jewell
Katie Jewell
Safeway, Vancouver WA

"For the last 24 years baking has been a striving passion of mine. In 2015 I took the step to start decorating. I love coming up with new and creative ideas. My goal is to bring art to decorating."

2023 Cake'd Participants

Ann Parsons
Lee Ann Parsons
Dorothy Lane Market/Love Cakes, Centerville, OH

I have been decorating cakes for almost 30 years. I like to think out of the box and do different kinds of cakes. The more impossible the more I am intrigued. I love what I do and so proud to be able too!

Bryant Meyer
Hy-Vee Inc., Rochester, MN

I have worked for HyVee for almost 15 years. I found a love for baking and more specifically cakes after culinary school. I love making cakes because every cake is unique to the customer. I love new challenges and pushing myself to try and learn new skills and techniques!

Joyce Dunbar
Joyce Dunbar
Fareway, Dubuque, IA

My food journey began at the age of 13, working in a bakery making scratch made bread and rolls. I continued to work in the food industry off and on all my life. In 2018 and 2019, I was honored to take home Blue Ribbon and a Best in Show at the Iowa State Fair. Currently I am a baker and cake designer at Fareway in Dubuque, Iowa. When not at work I have turned my love of food and cake design into a home-based business, Crazy Lady Cakes! Being a self-proclaimed foodie, I continue to look for new and better ways to perfect my craft.

Lisa King
Lisa King
Cake Frolic, LLC, Lake Saint Louis, MO

Lisa King is a National Teacher, National Certified Judge and Award-Winning Sugar Artist. She owns Cake Frolic, LLC and has been in love with sugar arts for 15 years. Lisa's latest focus is creating online content and video classes and she shares information on her educational blog,