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Cake'd Portfolio Form

The IDDBA is always looking to expand our industry community. Cake’d is an opportunity for retail cake decorators to showcase their abilities at the IDDBA show!

Cake'd logoApply for Cake'd 2024 today!

Please submit 4 total photos, each of a different special occasion (holidays, seasons, life events, etc.).  For example, Christmas, Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, spring, fall, winter, summer, graduation, retirement, or baby shower cakes.
  • 1 of the photos submitted must be an anniversary or birthday cake.
  • At least 1 of the 4 photos must be a 3-tiered cake.
  • Minimal use of fondant is preferred. Excessive use of fondant will be factored into scoring.

The better we can see your cake the more we can appreciate your skills, please make sure to only submit high resolution photos where the cake is the focus of the photo. We recommend between 1000x1000 or 2000x2000 pixels  (a close up shot with a cell phone is typically within this range).

Portfolios are scored on the following, each on a 1-10 scale
  • Originality: The cake is unique and original. It shows a lot of thought and effort. The cake decorator may have used unusual ingredients, colors, or decorations.
  • Presentation: The cake is visually appealing. It is well-shaped and decorated. The decorations are well-placed and balanced. The cake is clean and free of any debris.
  • Difficulty: The cake is technically challenging to make. It may require a lot of skill and experience to decorate. The cake decorator likely used special techniques.
  • Design: The cake has a clear theme or design that is carried out throughout. The decorations are relevant to the theme and complement each other.
  • Overall Appearance: The cake is well-made and looks professional. It is clear that a lot of care and attention went into making it.