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June 2-4 | Orlando

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What's in Store Live

What’s in Store Live is our interactive marketplace showcasing innovative and aspirational merchandising. It’s redesigned annually by a cross section of industry volunteers that ideate concepts highlighting sponsored products to create representative bakery, cake, cheese and prepared foods cases.  Our goal is to inspire our attendees by keeping the food front and center while making our What’s in Store trend reporting real and relevant to build basket size as well as elevate customer experience.

View industry trends through the eyes of three different generations that are driving our industry. Learn how to market, appeal, and understand these key consumers to grow your business.

2018 What’s in Store Live Recap
LauraGeneration X

Generational Trends: Grab and go, prepared foods, stock up shopper

I know what my family eats and needs. I just really want to get in and out.”

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Generational Trends: Snacks, meal kits, ready to eat food

I never know exactly what I’m going to be eating for any meal; I decide when I get there.”

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LexiGeneration Z

Generational Trends: Sustainability, brand awareness, ‘real food’

I care about my food and I know what I am eating and consuming.”

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For more details on the What’s in Store Live concepts click here to see the complete list.