Privacy Policy

You are free to visit IDDBA's website without identifying yourself, but if you'd like to make a purchase through our online store, or register or join through our online forms, you will need to provide required personal information. We use the information you provide during the ordering process to fill your orders, print your badge in the case of registering, provide customer service assistance, and improve the content of our site so that we may better meet your needs. Registering for IDDBA 18 grants IDDBA permission to contact the registrant and registrant's company via fax, mail or email, with no expiration date, unless revoked in writing. Ordering through the online IDDBA store grants IDDBA permission to contact the you and your company via fax, mail or email, with no expiration date, unless revoked in writing.

IDDBA believes that your personal information (including your purchases, fax numbers, email and residential addresses, and credit card information) belongs to you. We collect this type of information when you provide it, and we may make our customer mailing information available to IDDBA member companies for targeted promotions on a rental basis. If you do not want us to share your mailing information with any third party, please let us know by sending us an email at the following address and we will honor your request:

Ensuring secure online ordering is an important part of protecting our customers' information. IDDBA utilizes SSL (secure socket layers) to protect your information. SSL is an encryption scheme that is very tough to crack.  All communication between the server and the browser (all information you input) is encrypted when you use SSL. You can tell when you are using SSL by looking at the URL - it starts "https://" and most browsers have some visual indication, e.g., a padlock that is locked on the status bar of the browser.