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Charcuterie Professional Certification: Salumiere

The Charcuterie Professional Certification: Salumiere is an exam geared toward establishing subject matter expertise in the sale and handling of charcuterie products. Passing the exam will give an individual the ability to be a Certified Salumiere. At the IDDBA, we are passionate about supporting growth in the deli and believe that the subcategory of charcuterie will continue to provide retailers opportunities to capitalize on many trends that drive consumers to want to purchase charcuterie products. Please see the exam content outline as well as the recommended reading list for study resources. We will continue to add content as available.

The Charcuterie Professional Certification: Salumiere exam questions were written and reviewed by subject matter experts.  The exam will be proctored and each year the questions are analyzed statistically to identify any improvement opportunities.  The Certification Committee reviews questions with statistically questionable outcomes to determine whether they should be modified or deleted from the pool.  Once these issues are resolved, the final scores are calculated.  This could take up to eight weeks.  All exam takers will be notified if they pass or fail.

  • The exam will be offered annually.
  • The next proctored in-person exam is scheduled for Saturday, June 4, 2022 at IDDBA 2022 Atlanta.
  • Cost: $450 for members; $500 for non-members.
  • Eligible exam-takers will have a minimum of 1,440 hours paid or unpaid work experience in charcuterie or deli-retail during the past two years.
  • If you need financial assistance to attend the in-person exam, please contact us.
  • Any questions? Please contact

Congratulations to our inaugural 2021 Certified Salumieres!

  • Nathan Aldridge
  • Rashema Ali
  • Diane Corrente-French
  • Amy Forbis
  • Matthew Hall
  • Jeff Kampa
  • Jody Mason
  • Valentin Nayfeld
  • Tonya Oakes
  • Lorenza Pasetti
  • Tony Sanguinetti
  • Kelsey Steffel
  • Jean Stevens
  • Katherine Wilkey

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