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Fresh Careers

Member Company Application

Even if you are unable to take part in the mentor program, we would still love to help connect you to future leaders in our industry! By filling out this application, you will be included in a list of participating companies that college students and recent graduates are encouraged to visit during the tradeshow. After the show, we will continue building relationships through virtual networking events as a participant in the Fresh Careers program you will be invited to take part in these events.

IDDBA’s objective is to expose students and recent graduates to opportunities in the food industry, specifically dairy, deli, and bakery. Member companies should provide students and recent graduates with a beneficial experience to further their knowledge, understanding, and interest in our industry. Member Companies who wish to participate in Fresh Careers should:
  •  Complete the member company application
  • At IDDBA Tradeshows we ask that whoever is working your both to be prepared to
    • Discuss career paths
    • Share what you’ve learned from your personal trade show and career experiences
    • Describe business-to-business relationships
    • Discuss products on display and industry trends
    • Have materials or resources for jobs seekers that make a positive impression
  • Year-round involvement
    • Participate in virtual networking and career events when possible
    • Agree to be contacted by colleges interested in holding a career fair, networking event, or speaking opportunity
Application period is closed!