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Where are you in your FSMA 204 journey? "Learn" and "Plan" for how to prepare your organization for compliance.

 Where are you in your FSMA 204 journey?

Learn more about New Era Partners' strategy for achieving FSMA 204 compliance by Learning, Planning, Doing, and Reviewing.

This webinar we will focus on "learning" about FSMA 204 and how the rule applies to your organization, and "planning" how to achieve compliance by working with your trading partners and ensuring your have the right systems in place.

Compliance doesn't have to be a costly and timely burden if you start planning now. Get your supply chain on board, identify gaps in systems and processes, and make sure you have the right people and technology in place to set your organization up for success. Learn tips on how to use the systems and processes you have in place, only invest where it makes sense, and turn end-to-end traceability into an ROI opportunity.

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