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IDDBA Webinar Series

IDDBA conducts live webinars throughout the year on a variety of subjects of interest to professionals in the bakery, deli, dairy, cheese, and foodservice sectors. Topics include merchandising; regulations; industry, consumer, and product trends; and department-specific training. A library of recorded webinars is available for viewing for members only.


Charcuterie Basics: Engaging Shoppers with Ideas for Entertaining
In this webinar, you’ll learn about:
  • The origins of charcuterie.
  • How to build a charcuterie board.
  • Striking the right balance of meats, cheeses, textures, and flavors.
  • Using charcuterie as a growth engine for your total market.

Join us January 30th at noon CT for a free webinar!


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Consumer Perception and Retailer Application of Fats and Oils
Cooking fats and oils play an important role in the preparation of fresh items in in-store bakeries, delis, and foodservice departments. However, consumer perception of frying oils is not always positive, as many shoppers associate them with unhealthy eating practices.
Growing Prepared Food Sales with Plant-Based options
Growing Prepared Food Sales with Plant-Based options
Today’s flexitarian consumers are eating less meat, and they’re looking to healthful and delicious options featuring produce, grains, and plant proteins. This important shift in consumer dietary patterns is creating new opportunities for operators in all segments of foodservice and retail.

blockchain webinar
Blockchain Technology: Building Transparency and Trust in the Retail Food Industry
There’s a new technological movement to create complete transparency and on-demand access to information about food and ingredients along every link of the food supply chain, an instant genealogy for our food. This technology is called blockchain, and it is quickly becoming a reality for the food industry.
Daymon Meal Kits Retail Responds
Meal Kits: Retail Responds
“What should we do about meal kits?” It’s the question on every retailer’s mind as the competitive pressure of both online and off-the-shelf kits continues to grow. Meeting your consumers' needs in the meal solutions space and executing at retail is not a one-size-fits all proposition. It involves an understanding of consumer shopping habits, as well how a meal kit program fits in the retail space.
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The Impact of Blockchain Technology on the Food Industry
With the promise of fast and secure end-to-end traceability, blockchain can increase data integrity and trust between parties, and reduce errors and duplication. In the future, the ability to track a product from retail shelf back through every stage of the supply chain, right to the farm gate, in seconds instead of days or weeks, will be the new norm.

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FDA Menu Calorie Labeling Requirements in Supermarkets
The new Menu Calorie Labeling provision of the Affordable Care Act may impact supermarket deli and bakery departments if part of a chain of 20 or more stores operating under the same name.  FDA details the provisions as it relates to dairy, deli, bakery, and foodservice in this member-only webinar.
Navigating the FDA FSVP Rule
Navigating the FDA FSVP Rule
The Foreign Supplier Verification Program — part of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)—impacts food retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and other entities that import food into the United States from abroad, requiring them to provide adequate assurances that imported products are produced in compliance with processes and procedures that equal or surpass applicable U.S. safety standards.

dairy trends milking foot traffic
Milking Foot Traffic: Strategies for Success in Today’s Complex Dairy Department
Dairy continues to be an important driver of store visits and sales in food retail. Having an understanding of  dairy consumer preferences and lifestyles can help better position your dairy department to generate greater foot traffic, sales, and overall customer satisfaction.

cake decorating webinar
Color: Every Drop Matters
Color is an important part of any cake design. Whether you are trying to create the perfect shade to deliver a theme or match a specific color for a consumer – getting it right is crucial.