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Introducing Our Influencers

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Thriving in an Age of Change

Renowned expert on salesmanship, Dale Carnegie, believed that change was important to understand and suggested that this understanding was a key to success. "Keep your mind open to change all the time," he wrote. His words resonate deeply for those wanting to thrive in today's seemingly ever-changing times.

Our new landscape is marked by many factors, from current global concerns to the shifting of the industry due to the new omnichannel age. Being a leader and excelling in such a time requires vision to help guide the way so that change can be a wave one rides to the top.

Having a guiding vision is one key factor we focus on at the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA). IDDBA has long excelled at doing the work to research the ever-shifting climate of the dairy-deli-bakery industry. Under the leadership of Mike Eardley, President and CEO of IDDBA, we have articulated our vision in clear terms that go beyond just examining the changing landscape and answer the question of how to transcend ever-changing trends and our shifting world.

Eardley called the cornerstones of our philosophy and vision "Our Influencers": empowering People, fostering Food Safety, embracing Technology, recognizing Consolidation, overcoming Competition, and cultivating Community. Once understood, these six influencers can serve as a framework for navigating the dairy-deli-bakery industry to success in these unprecedented times.